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Craft Beer and Burger

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If you and the lads are looking for some stag activities to book on the upcoming Tallinn stag weekend that doesn’t involve firing guns or sexy strippers, then you’re in luck. We have a long list of toned down stag do ideas that let you and your buddies have some time to catch up over a good meal and craft beers. 

For your first day in Tallinn, why not enjoy some Craft Beer and Burger and start your stag do off with some good old fashioned quality time. It has probably been a long while since you’ve had the time to sit down and have a chat with your friends. The Tallinn stag weekend is the perfect time to that over some Craft Beer and Burger, for sure!

If there’s anything we can advise you with, apart from the best stag activities to book, it’s that it’s important to break the ice when the stag do starts. This means that some of your old buddies might be shy or awkward around your cousins or maybe even your new friends. You don’t want to head into your stag activities with an awkward silence looming over it, now do you?

So, you have to get everyone warmed up to each other over a good meal of Craft Beer and Burger. If you don’t take our advice, you’re going to regret it!

Book a Craft Beer and Burger experience for a successful stag do today! For more stag activities, drop us a line!


Local Craft Beer

Reserved Table at one of the best Burger Places

Burger and Fries


2 hrs


£ 28 per person

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