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Fake Arrest

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No stag do is complete without at least one prank on your stag. It’s his last night of freedom and things are definitely going to be wild as you celebrate the stag weekend in Tallinn. The best way to scare him is by taking away that freedom and arresting him for having too much fun on his stag do! Book a Fake Arrest and watch him suffer as you try really hard to hold back your tears from wanting to laugh so bad!

So how does it work? When it comes to planning and executing a Fake Arrest, there are a few important things to remember. The first one is to make sure that there is no way your stag finds out about the Fake Arrest you’ve planned. Second, you have to be exactly where you say you will be so that our fake cops can drive up to your location in their fake cop car. It’s up to you whether you want us to arrest your stag for the stag activities he’s been involved in or for something more ridiculous. You can think about that or leave it up to us.

To make this prank work, some of your other buddies have to know that the Fake Arrest is really fake so that nobody freaks out. If your stag gets really nervous, one of you can accompany him in the fake cop car. 

From there, you can choose to have him driven to a strip joint or a bar!


Uniformed officers

Marked Police Car

Blindfolded journey

Performance for a stag at the Lap Dance Club


2 hrs


£ 145 per person

Contacts details

Group information