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Lesbian Show

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Every Tallinn stag needs a few essentials. One of them being strippers. Strippers are important for all stag activities. You can take a regular activity and just add strippers and all of a sudden, things are wilder than they started out to be. 

You have to understand that although there are very few things that can be better than having strippers, there is actually one thing better than it. It’s watching two sexy strippers having at each other for your entertainment. Yes, you read that right, gentlemen. You can now book a Lesbian Show for your upcoming Tallinn stag and all you have to do is let us know! 

The Lesbian Show is the hotter, sexier, and raunchier version of the regular strip tease. With strippers touching each other instead of just one stripper dancing on a pole, your Tallinn stag do is going to be one of the most epic parties you and the lads have ever attended. 

Don’t settle for a boring strip show when you can take things to the next level and book a Lesbian Show! 

No one is going to hate you for it. In fact, they’re going to love you even more for it! One little treat we can give you is some freedom over the strippers you want to book. 

We have access to the best strippers in Tallinn and we will most likely have some that look like your favorite celebrities and ultimate crushes!

Get ready for an epic Tallinn stag weekend!


Lesbian Show

Show for the groom

Lap dance for all

Party lights

Music system


40 minutes


£ 83 per person

Contacts details

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