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Dinner On A Stripper

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This is the dining experience of a lifetime... imagine this.. you arrive at Tallinn's finest medieval restaurant to be greeted by that all important welcome schnapps to get you in the mood for the evening ahead... then you are lead to your table to find that your meal will be served on a gorgeous Estonian model... with this lovely lady stretched out on the table before you, your mind will certainly not be on the food!!!

As sexy as a classic china plate is, we think that there are probably more tantalizing things to eat your dinner off. A beautiful topless model may not be as functional (for one thing cutlery makes them squirm) but you will be all the more ready to lick her clean. 

There are worse things you could be doing in the evening!

This package takes care of your culinary, beverage and stripper needs all rolled into one!

One of the best Exotic Dinner Experiences that you are able to fing in Eastern Europe: every night should start like this!


Sushi Meal

A wonderful estonian model for a plate


1 Hours


Menu may be a subject to change


£ 91 per person

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