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Oil Wrestling Party

First slide

Imagine the unimaginable…

Oil wrestling is quickly becoming one of the most popular stag activities in Tallinn.

It is surely the only time when a slippery customer is considered a  good customer. Well played to the man (that's not being sexist, it  blatantly was a man) who brought this fantastic fantasy into reality for  a saucy stag do!

You and the boys are holidaying away in Tallinn, enjoying a refreshing  cold beer before heading out for a big night on the town, well, watching  two beautiful girls who are both covered in oil wrestle it out with one  another probably isn't a bad pace to begin the evening's events! Enjoy  the exceptional view as they battle one another, purely for your  entertainment and pleasure.

Once you and the lads have arrived at the venue, the girls will  firstly introduce themselves before preparing for battle by drenching  themselves in oil!

Inside an inflatable paddling pool filled with oil, the two lovely  ladies in question will slip and slide their way about wearing nothing  more than a couple of teeny bikinis.

As the intertwined hotties squirm, wiggle and pin each other down  under a slippery mass of glistening perfection the group will be  cheering, clapping and drooling in no time. With the option of glugging  down your own booze on site, your beer goggles are going to get  seriously steamy.

The wrestlers are no ordinary woman either - they are unbelievably  attractive women, clothed only in lubricant and maybe a skimpy bikini.

Once they start to get a little tired of one another, it’s time to  introduce another individual – the stag himself! Towards the end of the  session, the girls will decide when it's time to get the stag involved  and he will be asked to join in and wrestle the.

Your full-time guide will be at your service throughout the match and  be sure that the entertainment keeps your head locked in a truly  tantalizing game.

You can't get much better than this activity in Tallinn! All you've got to do is...Enjoy!


One rounds of beer free

Two Estonian hotties ready to wrestle

Three 5 minute rounds


2 Hours


Additional alcohol is availiable at an extra cost


£ 97 per person

Contacts details

Group information