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Husky Dog Sledding

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You’ve probably seen it in all the movies set in the winter, Husky Dog Sledding is a means of transportation for people who live in eternally snowed in places. But what if we told you that you and the lads can try it out for yourselves on the upcoming Tallinn stag do if you book your activities with us? Would that pique your interest? We have a feeling it will!

Your Tallinn stag is in need of adventures that will take you and the lads far away from your hectic lives, nagging girl friends and wives! It’s time to enjoy the limited time you have with your best mates and there is no room for disappointment. The Tallinn stag can only have the best of the best activities and nothing less! 

Going Husky Dog Sledding has never, since its inception, disappointed anyone that’s ever tried it and it’s one of the coolest activities anyone can do in a snowed in city. This is absolutely perfect if your weekend falls on the winter season and many of the classic stag do ideas are temporarily available. 

Beat the chilling cold with an adrenaline rush on the sleds as the Husky dogs zoom through the snowy terrain. Hold on tight or else you’ll be left behind! 

Make sure to come in enough layers of clothing for the trip because these Husky dogs can go faster than you can imagine. Catching your breath is going to be a challenge


2 km sledding

All equipment


Introduction to the Siberian Husky breed


2 hours


Maximum 6 persons per day


£ 192 per person

Contacts details

Group information