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Indoor Climbing

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Going Indoor Climbing is one of the stag do ideas that not a lot of lads book and it’s mostly because they will have started drinking early in the day to either get themselves ready for the day ahead or to get rid of last night’s hangover with hair of the dog. If you don’t know why it’s important to stay sober when you go Indoor Climbing, then allow us to tell you all about it!

For your Tallinn stag do, you’re going to need some really fun stag activities that will make this weekend memorable and a true escape from your busy adult lives. Indoor Climbing is one of the stag activities that will demand 100% of you. That means that when you sign up for it, you cannot be drunk or too sleepy to function or else you’ll get yourself hurt. 

Indoor Climbing is a lot like rock climbing except it’s done with a wall of artificial rocks and harnesses. It’s one good way to get yourself ready for the real thing. But, unlike paintball and all the other classic stag do ideas and extreme sports, Indoor Climbing lets you take your time. You’re going to have to be at the top of your game to reach the top of the wall!

If you’re looking to spend quality time with the lads without sitting down and having tea, Indoor Climbing is a good way to go. There’s not a lot of shouting involved and it’s also good exercise!


2 hour indoor Climbing

Safety Equipment


Climbing Shoes


3 hrs


£ 26 per person

Contacts details

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