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Paintball With 200 Balls

First slide

Feel like a good run around shooting your mates with paint? For us guys there are few things more enjoyable than guns, babes and drinks.

Only a few minutes drive from the hotel, our experienced team will set you up for some great games in this specifically selected terrain. We provide your first 200 balls to ensure you're lubricated as you go for the flag!

On arrival your group will be fitted out with all the necessary protective gear and of course the paintball gun. After a briefing and a few demonstrations, you will be sent into battle where you will take part in several different games.

From "capture the flag" to "seek and destroy", the games are incredible. Come and have a go, if you think your tough enough!

Declare war on your mates with this action packed paintball game with enough paint to secure victory.

Ambushes, whistling bullets and gunfire sound will surely get the heart pounding.

Become a hero with this top paintball adventure!

Book this today and you will have the time of your life!


200 Paintballs

Safety Equipment


2 Hours


Proper safety is extremely important


£ 38 per person

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