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Firearms Shooting Basics

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As most of us will have grown up watching guns being fired, whether it was the cowboy and Indian film at the cinema or the cops shows on TV, it is hardly surprising that many of us are obsessed by guns. Now there is the chance to shoot real bullets and feel the thrill that others feel when they do.

So, it’s a no-brainer that your Tallinn stag needs to have the Firearms Shooting Basic package to complete it. There is nothing quite like learning how to use a gun and firing at targets! You’d be lucky if you hit the target anywhere near the bull’s eye but until you try it out for yourself, you will never know just how good you are with a gun! 

The Firearms Shooting Basic is the gateway to what we predict will be your new interest or hobby. Firing guns is something most men enjoy and getting a feel of it on your Tallinn stag is the best way to start.

The best thing about booking your stag activities with professionals like us is you get the luxury of private return transfers and an English speaking guide! These inclusions make sure that each of the stag activities you book with us is a pleasurable experience.

With all these inclusions, there is no logical reason to plan a Tallinn stag do on your own. Leave that work up to us and we’ll make sure you’re going to rave on your Tallinn stag do review!


Return Transfers

English Speaking Guide

9mm Glock 17

Pump-Action shotgun

.38 Special

Safety Briefing



2 hours


Proper safety is extremely important


£ 49 per person

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