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Canoeing Experience

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These Canoes will take you on a journey on the Beaulieu River Nature Reserve for a 3-4 hour paddle. You will have the opportunity to paddle up the river exploring the nature of the river and its creeks, learning some paddle skills with some fun and games along the way.

Canoeing in Tallinn must be one of the most breathtaking ways to see the truly unique rock structures set deep within chasms cut and carved into our highland hill and mountainsides. They provide a magnificent cluster of deep fresh plunge pools, waterfalls and fast moving rapids flowing through ancient glacier made rock channels.

The activity takes place in river gorges of unspoilt beauty, made up of a series of spectacular waterfalls, crystal clear pools and beautiful rock passages, cut and sculpted by water over millions of years. Due to Estonin's excellent climate and geology it is an ideal location for beginners and more advanced mates to experience this adrenalin filled activity.

Our canoe days are great for groups looking for a fun day out whilst under the supervision of qualified and experienced instructors. Our instructors will equip you with safety equipment such as buoyancy aid and paddle, after a safety talks you will soon be on the water, practicing paddling in a straight line, turning and stopping.

I know what you are thinking! A gentle cruise in a canoe is just not what you want on your Stag Weekend. So here at Tallinn Stag Weekend we have put together an amazing day out. Choose this option and we guarantee that Canyoning here is our ultimate adrenaline charged day.



Life Jacket


Canoe hire

Waterproof Bag


4 Hours


Wear Your Lifejacket!


£ 59 per person

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