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Rally Co-driver Experience

First slide

This is a truly exhilarating and exciting Rally Experience! Drive a fully prepared rally car on our loose surface stages and enjoy the thrill of the slide! The cars that are used are built to compete in the Peugeot 205 rally challenge and are fitted with all the necessary safety equipment, so, an exhilarating drive is guaranteed! 

The Rally Co-Driver Experience is something you know the upcoming Tallinn stag do needs! Sure, none of you are Formula One racers but you all know it would be beyond amazing to find out what it’s like being in a car going faster than you ever could, legally! The track is waiting for you, gentlemen. It’s time you book your activities and this is just one of the many classic things to do that no Tallinn stag weekend is complete without!

Don’t worry about your safety because you’ll be driven by a professional driver who knows exactly what to do at every twist and turn. You won’t see them coming and that’s what’s going to make the Rally Co-Driver Experience that much more exciting! 

Take turns with you best mates and be driven on the track by the expert driver and have the literal ride of your lifetime! It’s not going to be easy and it’s going to have you screaming at the top of your lungs, holding on to whatever you can for dear life!

That alone is reason enough for you to book the Rally Co-Driver Experience!


Experienced Driver

Rally Car

Car And Track Hire


2 Hours


Proper safety is extremely important


£ 185 per person

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