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Rappelling Experience (not available)

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Rappelling is one of the most dangerous techniques you can do when climbing. Rappelling, the act of making a controlled descent down a fixed rope, seems relatively easy, but when you rappel, you use lots of technical climbing skills and make lots of judgments that affect your safety. If you mess up at all—you’re toast. Every experienced climber can tell you a horror story about a rappel he did.

If you’re looking for exciting things to do on your Tallinn stag that doesn’t involve alcohol, is something you can brag about, not something you can do on a daily basis, and will give you an adrenaline rush, then all your stag do needs is a Rappelling Experience!

For daytime stag activities that will take you to the outdoors for a day filled with exhilarating and active fun, you’re best off booking stag do ideas that have to do with extreme sports, and rappelling is one of them. By definition, it may seem pretty simple but when it’s your turn to be up there, it’s a different story. We won’t go into detail regarding what you’ll feel up there but we’ll say one thing, the Rappelling Experience makes for one heck of an unforgettable Tallinn stag weekend!

Make your way up the 42-meter-high tower and psych yourself into believing you can do it! You won’t want to show your best mates that a little height can make you piss your pants. Put your game face on and keep it on!


42m High Tower

Safety Equipment

Experienced instructor


2.5 Hours


Rappelling Requires Lots of Climbing Skills


£ 127 per person

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